Apple's introduces 3D Touch for new iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

Apple has introduced its most advanced models in the name of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus. These models come with revolutionary 3D touch feature or with multi touch interface. Apple has introduced 3D touch that senses the force applied so that actions can be taken for interacting with the content. Apart from that these models also features Retina HD display and 7000 series aluminum. All in all Apple has introduced the most innovative feature for its users. Let’s have an in-depth look at them

3D touch, just don’t touch it, feel it

Peek and Pop, the new innovative way to touch your 3D touch iPhone that senses the pressure for enabling any action. With this new feature you can easily dip in or dip out of any content without even losing your original place. In addition to swipe, tap, and pinch, now you can peek and pop your iPhone screen display for interacting with it.

With Peek and Pop you can simply preview all the content on your smartphone and even if required, act on it. For ‘peeking’ any content like email, give a gentle press and want to see it totally then pop it that is press a little deeper. With this you can see your emails, photos, visit any other site, and find any location without even leaving your present screen!

Apart from this, you can apply quick action that allows you to go to shortcuts of the things you do regularly. Like, shortcut to your camera for taking selfie, or sending message to someone favorite. All this is possible with a single tap on the home screen.

Advanced technology to stun its users

Along with having 3D touch, you would be stunned if you use the iOS 9 system on your iPhone 6s.  Now, Apple phones are powered by A9, third generation 64-bit chips that increases the CPU performance by 70 percent and GPU performance by 90 percent, than it was done by A8. Hence, to get optimal performance Apple has architected iOS 9 and A9 together. It is considered that the former is world’s most advanced operating system for mobiles. A9 is also installed in iPad Pro to give its users an ultimate satisfaction while using it.

Hence, now browsing, downloading and streaming can be done much faster, even without a hitch.  With the 23 LTE bands, roaming with your new iPhone also becomes more exciting. Thus, use the new 3D touch to enjoy peek and pop and take your smartphone experience to new heights.