8: Chrome Is for Your Rims

This week A.J. and Mikah talk about Amazon's latest project, the Amazon Dash button; they discuss JAY Z's recently relaunched Tidal streaming music service; and round things off with an explanation of Internet-anonymizer Tor, and the Baltimore Department of Homeland Security's Reddit subpoena.

Integrate Topics

A.J.: Safari

Mikah: Overcast


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Links and Show Notes

Amazon Dash Buttons

The Everything Store by Brad Stone

Amazon Prime

Harry's & Dollar Shave Club

Amazon Web Services & Amazon Cloud Drive

A.J.'s story about choosing a cloud service


A little bit more about TIDAL, via The Verge


Mikah loves Beyoncé.


Feds demand Reddit identify users of a dark-web drug forum, via Wired

Here's the image from Reddit Mikah was laughing about.


LimeWire & FrostWire

Tor users must now provide a phone number to open a new Twitter account, via TechCrunch

Marco Arment & Instapaper

Accidental Tech Podcast

This Week in Tech



OS X Yosemite

CNET tests the speed of Safari 8 in comparison to other browsers.

Google Chrome

A Wikipedia entry about WebKit