3: A Google Search and Three Clicks Away

This week A.J. and Mikah talk about Mikah's search for a top-quality Bluetooth speaker, and give a few recommendations for finding top-quality gadgets in any category. They also touch on the launch of the new Pebble Time smart watch (and smart watches in general), dig into Lenovo and the infamous "Superfish," and try to get some sleep despite the blue-lit devices vying for their attention.

Integrate Topics

A.J.: Sleep Cycle

Mikah: Debit & Credit

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Links and Show Notes

Apple AirPlay

The WireCutter



Overcast, a powerful yet simple iPhone podcast player.

Mikah purchased a Bose SoundLink III after digging in and doing some research.

The Kickstarter project page for the first Pebble e-paper watch

The Kickstarter project page for the Pebble Time, a color e-paper smart watch


Lenovo and the "Superfish" scandal

Lenovo ThinkPad

PC Pro:

“This business is more than just a little extra cash for vendors: in a market where margins are down in the low single digits, it's often the difference between making a profit and a loss. That's why when you buy a ‘business’ machine, which lacks the pre-installed crap, you'll end up paying more for essentially the same product.”

Tim Cook says people aren't Apple's product in this Charlie Rose interview.

The Atlantic talks about sleep and smartphones. 

The eBook Reader has a handy comparison table for all Kindle models.

Here's the third-party battery Mikah ordered for his Kindle Keyboard 3G.

The screen-color-changing software we couldn't remember is called f.lux.

Here's the device Mikah Kickstarted: Sense, a simple system that tracks your sleep, monitors the environment in your bedroom and reinvents the alarm, so you can sleep better.

Mint: Money, Bill Pay, Credit Score & Investing

Personal Capital: All Your Accounts All in One Place

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