15: There's a Nest on Its Way

This week A.J. and Mikah share their predictions for iOS and OS X updates at Apple's next press event, the World Wide Developers Conference, Mikah tells A.J. why he's actually kind of excited about Google's new photo service, and the two discuss the sentencing of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht.

Integrate Topics

A.J.: Mint

Mikah: Simple


Produced by Katie Hiler

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Links and Show Notes


The Kernel

WWDC, Apple ‘Proactive’, Apple HomeKit

Google’s Nest

Philips Hue

Nest Protect, Dropcam, August Smart Lock

Apple’s San Francisco typeface

Force Touch

iPhone 4 Antennagate

Google I/O

Google is partnering with Levi’s for its Project Jacquard smart fabric

Designing for Virtual Reality

Project Brillo, Android Pay, Google Photos, Google Plus

Android Developer Nanodegree

Google’s new Photos may just have won my library away from Apple, 9to5Mac

Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road founder sentenced to life in prison


Mikah meant “Square Cash” when he said “Square Pay”


Make more money than you spend.™

One card to rule them all: Coin, Stratos, Plastc