13: Playing ‘Taps’ for a Self-Driving Car

This week A.J. and Mikah discuss the thinking behind Domino's new tweet-to-order-pizza feature, they congratulate Samsung on its smart answer to the Apple Watch's digital crown, and talk about self-driving cars now that Google has released its self-driving cars' accident data.

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Mikah: Picturelife


Produced by Katie Hiler

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Links and Show Notes



Domino's to roll out tweet-a-pizza feature




Samsung answers the Apple Watch Digital Crown with a rotating, round bezel

Apple Watch, Moto 360, Tizen

Samsung commercial

Google acknowledges 11 accidents with its self-driving cars, but none were the car’s fault.

Amtrak crash

Apple Photos

The best way to manage your photos online in 2015, The Verge

Becoming Steve Jobs

Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul